Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Shelter NSW 'Around the House' - latest issue out

Just a quick note: Shelter NSW, the State's peak non-government organisation for low-income consumers of housing, has out a new issue of their esteemed newsletter, 'Around the House'.

The cover story, 'Housing Affordability and Tax', by Richard Krever, director of the Taxation Law and Policy Research Institute at Monash University, is excellent – a must-read for anyone who lives in a house, or who pays tax.

Plus there's Julian Disney on a four-year growth plan for affordable housing, Sue Cripps on the Homelessness White Paper, and Kevin Fox on the community housing rent policy debacle, to name a few of the additional articles.

'Around the House' is available to Shelter NSW members and subscribers only. Do join up.