Rabu, 08 September 2010

ABC reports on social housing

The ABC is joining in Social Housing Month too, with a special report on 'social exclusion' that focuses on public housing estates in the western suburbs of Sydney. It's well worth a look.

When you do check it out, don't miss Mike Darcy's excellent defence of public housing and critique of 'social exclusion', which is linked in the main article (to make sure you don't miss it, here's the link directly).

(The Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And while you're there, have a look too at a slightly older report by 4 Corners, 'The Last Chance Motel'. This report aired this time last year, and it's a brilliant, if searing, illustration of one of the points made by Mike Darcy: that getting into social housing saves many households from much worse poverty, dislocation and 'exclusion', and that we really need so much more of it.