Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Pop quiz: part 2

Now, the mathematics section, courtesy of Brown Couch reader and tenancy legend, Robert Mowbray.

Q. With the new Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) to commence soon, the old Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (NSW) will be repealed. In its 21 years of operation, how many private market tenancies have been created under the 1987 Act?

Good question, Dr Mowbray!

Like all good tenant advocates, Dr Mowbray never asks a question without already knowing the answer, and he has shared the answer with the Brown Couch. We won't share it with you yet, however; first, we'd like to hear your guesses.

And in a first for the Brown Couch, there's a prize for the closest guess: a DVD of the tenurially significant 1990 landlord-tenant horror-thriller, Pacific Heights.

('They wanted a tenant in the worst way. And that's what they got.')

Send your guess to us in the comments, or by email, by 31 October. One guess per person, please.

And so we're clear, the number we're taking as the answer is the number of rental bonds lodged over the period from the first quarter of 1990 (remember, the 1987 Act did not commence until late in 1989) to the June quarter of 2010 (or as close as we can get to the present date).

(A true pedant might object that bonds lodged does not equal tenancies commenced, because a few landlords wrongly don't lodge bonds, and a very few don't ask for them. If your guess is backed by a better method of approximation than our's, let us know.)

Get guessing!