Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Residential parks to be registered

In the news this week: the NSW State Government has announced that it will establish a register of all residential parks in the State.

This keeps a promise made by the Coalition before the election, and is intended as a preparatory step to making good on other election commitments, such as a licensing regime for park operators, and a review of the Residential Parks Act 1998.

Very good! Registration presents only the very lightest of regulatory burdens and has the potential to improve policy-makers' information about, and liaison with, the residential parks sector – a good thing.

We could apply this idea to a related area of housing policy too. A register would be a good thing for the marginal rental sector - particularly boarding houses. In this case, not only would it improve information and liaison, it could also help prospective residents tell the legitimate operators from the shonks and, in the long term, be worked up into an accreditation or licensing system that gets operators better skilled and residents better served.

All part of the plan for reforming marginal renting!