Kamis, 24 November 2011

Marginal renters in Parliament today

It's a big day for marginal renters in NSW Parliament House today.

First there's the publication of the report of the Parliament's Inquiry into International Students Accommodation, which recommends, amongst others things, law reform for occupancy agreements with dispute resolution by the CTTT, and a scheme of registration and reformed standards for boarding houses, with regular inspections.

Then, showing how law reform for occupancy agreements can be done, Clover Moore (Independent MP for Sydney) introduces her Residential Tenancies Amendment (Occupancy Agreements) Bill 2011, which would provide for a set of fair and flexible 'occupancy principles' for all residential rental arrangements not otherwise covered by residential tenancies legislation, plus standard terms by Regulation, and dispute resolution by the CTTT.

These two pieces of work come at the end of a year that also saw the publication of the results of consultations for the Government's Interdepartmental Committee on boarding house reform, in which occupancy agreements law reform emerged as a strong theme; the Ombudsman's damning report on licensed residential centres for people with disability; and the TU's own 'Reforming Marginal Renting' paper.

On coming to power the Government identified marginal renting as a 'key' area for reform. The reports are in; it's time to act.