Rabu, 29 Februari 2012

Unhousing made easy...

A few days ago there was an article in the papers about a "hidden" social housing waiting list. This is a list of people whose application for social housing have been suspended because they have not updated their contact details, and Housing Pathways do not know how to find them. If/when these applicants make contact again, Housing Pathways reinstates their application and they return to their rightful place in the queue. There are many good reasons why a person might not have updated their contact details, including homelessness or poor mental health.

This is all about to change. Soon applicants who do not stay in touch with Housing Pathways will have their applications closed.

Click here for the pdf version of this factsheet.

Housing Pathways will check-in with applicants every so often, with a request to update details. If applicants don't respond in the required time, their application will be closed.

Anyone on the list who Housing Pathways can't find RIGHT NOW will be asked to come forward and update their details by May 1st 2012.

Those who do not will have their applications closed.

Former-applicants will be encouraged to reapply, but they will be sent to the bottom of the list.

This, as Minister Goward tells us, is to "reward and encourage personal responsibility".

We've been asked to spread the good word.

If you work with someone, live with someone, or know someone who is on the waiting list for social housing, urge them to check that their contact details are up-to-date in the Housing Pathways system. Let them know that if they move house, or get a new phone number, or find themselves couch-surfing for awhile, or living out of their car, or in hospital, or prison, etc... they should contact Housing Pathways to make sure they know all about it.

Shelter NSW has called for letters to Minister Goward to tell her what a bad idea this is. We're inclined to agree. More details are on Shelter's facebook page.