Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

D'oh! Spare bedrooms correction

Your correspondent woke in the middle of the night to the thought that the overestimate of household growth relative to the Census that affected the National Housing Supply Council's calculation of a housing shortage will have also affected the Brown Couch's calculation of the number of spare bedrooms (because we were both using the ABS's Housing Occupancy and Costs data). Correcting this – by using the new Census data – would reduce the number of spare bedrooms.

Then, on redoing the numbers, he discovered a stuff-up entirely of his own making (forgot to account for the twos and threes). Correcting this stuff-up increases the number again.

So, using household numbers from the Census, without stuff-ups, we now get: more than 8 million spare bedrooms in owner-occupied households.

Sorry about that, readers.

Our posts on this issue have now been edited to use the correct figure – more than 8 million spare bedrooms. The graphs remain the same, because they were about proportions, not absolute numbers.

More on the Census coming up.