Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

Bye and thanks, Adele Horin

Today Adele Horin, reporter and columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, publishes her last piece for that paper. For almost twenty-five years she's written on issues of social services, welfare, housing, employment relations, family relations, inequality and social justice – all the important stuff.

(Portrait by Stephanie Brown)

In particular, last year Horin publicised the neglect perpetrated by the licensed boarding house sector, and by the governments that have ineptly monitored it and relied on it to provide substandard accommodation and 'care' to people with disability. 

Horin describes her journalism as like drops of water on rock; in relation to boarding houses, at least, the rock is beginning to shift.

Thanks, Adele Horin, and all the best from the Brown Couch and the TU.