Kamis, 11 Oktober 2012

My 3 Cents Tenancy Trivia

You may remember we mentioned the good value TAAS's represent- a cost of just 3 cents a day to renters in NSW, paid by renters in NSW.
We'll be talking more about your 3 cents in coming weeks but to celebrate the imminent launch of the Tenants' Rights Manual (4th Ed.) on Monday we're having a trivia competition. The winner will receive their very own copy of the Tenants' Rights Manual to take pride of place on their bookshelf, their bedside table, or under a wobbly piece of furniture.
Not just any copy- THIS copy
The Tenants' Rights Manual is one of the many results of the more than 30 years of experience and insight from dedicated tenants advice workers which has culminated in the TAAS network today.
At noon we're going to send out the question on Twitter and Facebook, first person to answer correctly on either site will win. (A clue, the answer will be found somewhere on the TAAS website at www.tenants.org.au)
If you're the winner, we'll direct message you to get postal/delivery details.

The Rules
1. Winning answers must come from personal accounts (sorry NGOs, we still love you!)
2. Delivery will be to NSW addresses only (because this only covers NSW tenancy law)
3. Current workers in the TAAP network are excluded

Good luck, and if you miss out this time don't worry, we'll be doing more trivia competitions in the future!

Update: The question was "What is the maximum flow rate your shower can have before you don't have to pay for water usage?"
Congratulations to Troy Walker from the Hunter region who was the first correct answer on our Facebook page with "9 litres per minute"
Well played Troy!