Minggu, 15 September 2013

Tenancy Haiku

We're always on the lookout for creative ways to express ourselves here on the Tenants' Union's Brown Couch - and this week we thought it would be fun to try our hand at Haiku.

Here's one from Chris:

Section 10
Sharing a house with
A named tenant. We shook hands -
I'm out in the cold.

...and here's my own attempt:

Home for life
Written into law,
No aspiration of home.
No change comes with spring.


We'd love to see what others can come up with - why not give it a go?

If you're so inclined, Tweet your Haiku or post it on Facebook. Mention us, and we'll share it on.

If you drop us a line with your contact details, we'll also give you one of our fabulous 'Tenants Make Cities' shirts for your trouble.