Selasa, 14 Januari 2014


  1. And the fastest-growing consumption category in Greece (latest figures 2011) is.... Narcotics. (Full definition of this COICOP code here)
  2. Athens Stock Exchange emerges as one of the best places one could have put their money in 2013. I'm going to throw up. 
  3. Eurostat publish their first-ever set of figures on money laundering in Europe - not actual money flows of course, but reports of suspicious transactions as well as resources devoted to the fight against money laundering. Note that Greece has provided almost no figures at all, despite a three-year delay in the publication, plus how woefully under-resourced our public administration is when it comes to detecting money laundering activity.
  4. The Commission publish their Product Market Review, focusing on firms' access to finance
  5. Coming soon to a busted bank near you: the European Parliament and Council have reached an agreement which paves the way for bail-ins around Europe.
  6. Looking forward to what the Greek commentariat will make of this ECJ ruling that obliges them to consider asylum bids from homosexual African immigrants facing persecution back home.
  7. Mind you, banning same-sex marriage may be a public health risk.
  8. Financial liberalisation in China marches on. Here's the Bank of England's latest note on what it might all mean.
  9. Argentina is one step away from mending bridges with the IMF, or going broke, or both.
  10. Ireland's bailout is officially over. Feast your eyes on an infographic we can't reproduce in Greece.